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Andrew Burnett, Deputy Director of the
British Museum and
Councillor Nasim Ali

Enam Ali MBE,
Founder of British Curry Awards &
Special Advisor to the Committee

Councillor Keith Moffitt
Leader of The Council

Jamal Uddin, Strategic Marketing Consultant
& Special Advisor to the Committee
 and David Bieda, Chair-The Seven Dials Trust

Laura Philips – British Museum

Samina Dewan, Fitzrovia NA

A. Siddiqui, Deputy High Commissioner
for The People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Committee Members & Guests

Committee Members & Guests

The Mela Committee Members 2010

Photography Credits: Sadia (LDH)


“It was inspiring to see the turnout and more inspiring to meet such a variety of different people who are all interested in the Camden Mela and what it has to offer.”
- Maddy Fisk, Mary Ward Centre.

Camden Mela 2019
UNITY . COLLABORATION . RESPECT . & Celebrating  Diversity

Arts & crafts, food stalls, live music & dance and a funfair come together at this community festival celebrating the richness of British cultural diversity. A marquee will provide health information and advice and there will be plenty of free family activities to keep kids busy.

Date: Sunday, 21 July 2019
Time: 12 Noon to 6:00 pm
Venue: Coram's Fields, 93 Guildford Street, London WC1N 1DN
Direction: Click here for direction
FREE Entry for all

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For further information or stall bookings please contact:
Nasim Ali OBE on 07852 223403 or Email:


Since 1992 the Mela Committee has organised hugely successful cultural showcase events in association with various partners within the Main Arena and across the British Museum, British Library, Regent's Park and other venues. In 2011 it coincided with the 40th anniversary of Bangladesh's independence and was a great success applauded by all sectors of the community. The event was and remains open to all locals and visitors to London.

Activities typically include family and adult arts and crafts workshops, dance and musical performances. Display of community arts projects, story-telling, themed gallery talks in the Museum’s galleries, and ever popular food festivities.



THE MELA attracting thousands of visitors on Sunday the 4th of July, amidst local and international media, celebrated the cultural cohesion in the heart of bustling London.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Thousands of people gathered to celebrate the melting pot art and culture of modern Britain in style at The Mela held on Sunday the 4th of July, organised by the Central London Communities.

The Mela is a cross-cultural event for all ages aimed to promote cultural cohesion, integration, and enhance communication and interactions through involvement in various arts and community activities.

People were enjoying the music, dance, artworks, crafts, fashion show, open stage talent show, youth performances, children’s activities, health activities, funfair & rides, henna paintings, variety stalls, information stands, stunning displays & exhibitions, and of course the delicious Mela oriented food & drinks!

Some of the crowd can be seen here enjoying performing arts at the Mela 2010 held in Regent's Park, London

The festival took place in London’s Regent’s Park (and Primrose Hill) – one of the eight Royal Parks visited by millions of Londoners and tourists each year. As well as the legendary guest artist, Mac, from the sub-continent, the main stage included performers from all sections of the local communities.

As usual, The Mela facilitated a dedicated youth stage for the young and ambitious members of the society to show-off their talents and skills – in a recognisable fashion. Indeed, it serves as a spring-board to launch their career in arts and media. An important aspect of this is to channel youth energy into shaping a tolerant and sustainable multiracial and multicultural society for the future.

As our Prime Minister Rt. Hon. David Cameron said at the British Curry Awards “This Britain, this modern diverse, multi racial, multi talented Great Britain – this is here to stay.

In his foreword to the Mela souvenir, patron Enam Ali MBE said: "I realise however that there are real challenges for the future. That is one reason why it is good to celebrate the success of inter communal harmony. Celebrating success helps to inspire others too."

Mac, the guest artist performing at the Mela held in Regent's Park, London

In a message to the Mela committee Mac said: “It does feel good to be in the fold of a lot of wonderful and exuberant people in the UK - much as it gives me great pleasure to be invited to perform with some fine musicians at the Mela.

When asked what differentiates this Mela, the committee secretary Maddy Fisk said: “This Mela is unique in the sense that it is ingrained in the community. It showcases the success and achievements of our women & children, our schools & colleges, our cultural & community centres, and our private & public sector social initiatives. It is inspiring to see the turnout and more inspiring to meet such a variety of different people.

Through this Mela we are always engaged in promoting public issues such as various Safety initiatives, Mental Health education, social responsibilities, etc.” added the spokesperson, Sadia Jafreen.

Samina Dewan (Chair), Jonathan Simpson (Mayor of Camden), Sofina Razzaque (member), Sadia Jafreen (Creative & Media Planning) out and about visiting and enjoying the wonderful arrangements of Arts, Crafts, Stands, Stalls, Exhibitions, and Performances at the Mela 2010 held in London's Regent's Park.

What started as a small Bangladeshi community gathering in 1992, expanded its reach to a London-wide and now nation-wide celebration, backed by well known institutions and organisations such as The British Museum, Royal Parks, British Land, London Borough of Camden, London Design House, The Metropolitan Police, Mary Ward Centre, South Camden Community School, Art Colleges, King’s Cross Central, Primary Care Trust, Sky Channels 814 (Channel S), 827 (ATN), 844 (Channel i) and Purple-i Technologies to name but a few.

The committee welcomed everyone to the British Museum from Tuesday 6th July for Exhibitions of community works and on the last day, i.e. Saturday 10th of July, for a dedicated exhibition of The MELA Art Project, dance drama and family activities.

The Networking Event

The Networking Event organised by the Camden Bangladesh Mela Committee focussed on:

  • Generating awareness of the Mela’s activities and the benefits it brings to the society.

  • Promoting the Mela to the wider communities.

  • Raising funds through sponsorship and other involvements.

The Event served as an ideal opportunity for guests & delegates to explore how they can get involved at all levels, whether it be Sponsorship, Joining the Mela Committee, Marketing or Volunteering.

It was an enjoyable evening of celebration and networking whilst being entertained by key speakers, a beautiful and lively dance performance and a colourful exhibition of arts, pictures and videos from the Mela events.

The feedbacks received from all were excellent. People were impressed with the diversity of organisations involved in the Committee and the numbers of volunteers supporting the event, which shows a universal appeal and demand for the vibrant annual event – the Mela.

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'Mela' is a Sanskrit word meaning 'gathering' or 'to meet' or a Fair. It is used in the Subcontinent for all sizes of gathering and can be religious, commercial, or cultural. Traditionally Mela means 'Village Fair'.

‘The Mela’ held each year in the heart of London celebrates and shares the culture of London's multi racial communities. It is a feast of sights, sounds, smells and tastes featuring bazaars, folk troupes, traditional and contemporary British & Ethnic music and dance.

Started life in 1992, it is the first of its kind to be held in London involving local organisations, community groups, schools, colleges, and institutions such as the British Museum and the British Library.

From its humble beginnings as a small Bangladeshi community festival, it has been dubbed as ‘The Camden Mela’, ‘The Regent’s Park Mela’, ‘The Central London Mela’, and for obvious reasons ‘The Bangladesh Mela’.

The Mela has grown to such an extent that it represents an opportunity for the wider communities to get together, regardless of their background, and work towards a festive occasion through involvement in various educational and arts projects that promote appreciation and understanding of various cultures in one of the world's greatest multicultural city.

The Mela uses arts to challenge the negative perceptions of multiculturalism; it aims to breakdown the barriers to give way to social inclusion, integration, and harmony whilst appreciating diversity for a healthy society.

Serving as an ideal outlet the Mela showcases the outcome of activities carried out throughout the year by the schoolchildren, teachers and their parents as well as the youth organisations and community centres in Central London.

All in all, it culminates into a spectacular event for all ages to enjoy in the height of the British summer organised by the Mela committee in association with Camden Council, Royal Parks, British Land and the British Museum.



There are various options available for getting involved. The Mela committee welcomes new ideas and opportunities, if you would like to discuss yours please get n touch.


Mela opens up new avenues for Businesses and Organisations in all sectors to interact with social groups directly and promote their activities in a setting where people are more receptive of information. Depending on your specialities, you may promote product developments, services, health information, lifestyle, and various safety awareness initiatives such as drinks & drugs, speed, fire, personal safety, etc.


Becoming a key sponsor, partner, advertiser, or getting involved by running an information stand, food stall or other activities helps fund the organising of this much needed social event (see the Mela introduction) for the community and not to mention increase your brand profile.


The event generates a lot of media interests and is extensively publicised and promoted by everyone involved, including: TV channels, newspapers, libraries, schools, colleges, local councils, royal parks, museums, MPs, councillors, social networking sites, to name a few.


The major events and massive shows usually organised by the Mela Committee attract a spectacular audience level of 20,000+, with smaller events attracting much less.




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Aug averages: 700K+
July averages: 900K+
June averages: 700K+
May averages: 500K+

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Tel: 07852 223403




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Sadia 07850 405 639






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